Just a few of the dozens of people I visited while on the road in Uganda - 9 days, 4 cities, countless villages, an abundance of inspiration.

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She lost her leg on landmine. She just about gets by, sourcing the best produce she can lay her hands on to sell to her regular customers. "This is so hard" she says. As I leave her she drops a question which is sort of what brought me here in the first place. She asks "what can you specifically do to help me?" Emphasis on "you". 

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Selling coal is how Caramella makes a living...barely. A solitary bucket which, if she's lucky, will be help her earn enough to put food on her table. Many of the women I spoke to get by on less than £2 a day. Among the many questions I ask one of them is 'if you had more capital what would you really want to do?" 

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"Just got married" says Esther, showing me her wedding ring. She sells popcorn at the market - and she's really good at it. If she had the capital she'd rent a kiosk close to her home. Esther also has a physical disability. How does she get to market every day? She crawls in.

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A promising career ahead of her, Jennifer, 24, is trying to save money to finish her diploma in English, Maths and Social Studies. Lack of money has meant she's slowing down as she can't afford the fees. She works two jobs - selling fruit and also nursery teaching.

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One of our local partners support people with Albinism, like farmer Fred. He grows beans, pumpkin, oranges and tomatoes. Apart from business investment, people with disabilities, for example albinism, need sunscreen, hats and protective glasses.