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Brilliant people. Brilliant Minds. Brilliant Changes.

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We help people living in remote, low-income places to start and grow their own businesses

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What is The Nerve Network?

The Nerve Network is a creative agency and social enterprise which helps people living in remote places and on very low incomes to start their own businesses. Using the income generated by our events and marketing business, we seek out people and partners who just need a kickstart of time, skills or money to build successful businesses/organisations. They then become the superchargers and teach others to do the same. 


What does nerve stand for?

 Nerve is all about unlocking brilliance. We are passionate about that. As a company we have the audacity and ambition to make meaningful change . To have ‘Nerve’ is one’s steadiness and courage in a demanding situation. That’s why we are single minded about fuelling entrepreneurial responsibility in those that are struggling, through powerful action for long-lasting community impact.


What IS NERVE’S mission?

Our aim is to break the dependency cycle by energising people from the ground up with a relevant network of great minds and empowering experiences. We chose to partner with established organisations in Uganda, already doing wonderful work, but who just need a little help unlocking a few things. Ultimately, we believe in elevating and supercharging people. Smart, hardworking folks who are keen to pass on their skills to help others.


Whether it's Bira who wants to set up a clothing line; or Kalali who wants to expand his mobile tech store, we set out to ‘unlock’ EXCEPTIONAL people who show the seeds of brilliant thinking.

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Esther Kwaku is the creative bomb behind The Nerve Network. She has an infectious energy and unwavering spirit, which shows in her work. Over her 15 years spent with nonprofits out in the field, she has a rucksack full of stories that expose the complexity behind poverty in far-flung places.
— Sorcha Egan (Her Word)

With Esther, the Nerve Team comprised of talented freelancers across all industries, work to supercharge brilliant people living in remote, low-income areas to grow their businesses.

We also work with fantastic Uganda-based organisations such as MADIPHA and SNUPA who are the ears and eyes of Nerve. Working closely with these organisations, we help increase their outreach and elevate their impact by assessing their greatest needs and providing the necessary support and capital.




We are now crowdfunding to support Margret Nakayiza, a brilliant lady whose dream is to build a resource centre for disabled people affected by HIV & AIDS. Read her story, she is tremendous!

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As an agency, we work with brilliant companies looking for ways to make a lasting impact within their organisations. By managing their events and marketing, we are able to inject some ‘Nerve’ into their communications. The profits we make go towards helping start-ups, entrepreneurs and local organisations. 


Events and Marketing

When Nerve’s mission reaches the audiences of events we run it makes for a truly spectacular platform.
— Esther Kwaku

We work with socially-oriented clients to execute marketing campaigns to elevate their mission.

We also manage events, conferences and experiences from the initial stages of planning through to execution & delivery.

Event planning, site design and staging, exhibitions, social and digital marketing, networking parties… you name it!



We commission gorgeous goods, like these conference bags and lanyards, from local communities who earn their own money, straight up.

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People like Juliet, Annette, Cate and Judith can now have regular earnings from their work and in return, they can afford their basic domestic needs. Above all, they will gain respect, self esteem and considered useful people contributing to the development and welfare of their families and the community in general.
— Richard Musisi (MADIPHA)
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We sell gorgeous handmade crafts through our online store, providing market access to our talented friends living in the most rural parts of Uganda.

Not only do our ‘Nervees’ earn their own money straight up, the profits generated provide investment for our partner organisations and income for our large-scale development projects.

This is business, not charity.