How does nerve fund LOCAL programmes?

We work with clients to execute marketing campaigns (social, digital, the works) to elevate your mission. We also manage events, conferences and experiences from the initial stages of planning through to execution & delivery.

The profits we make go towards helping start-ups, entrepreneurs and local organisations. 



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We put together an events masterplan, establishing key milestones and critical path timelines from registration set-up to post-conference processes. We also build comprehensive planning sheets, tools and templates to cover all aspects of the event structure, programmes, logistics, the delegate experience, design and staging, and on-site processes. The delegate experience is key - how do want your participants to feel from the moment they walk through those doors? We design physical spaces including floorplans, capacities, room allocations, your social programme, arrange walkthroughs, rehearsals, signage, networking spaces and exhibition areas.



We have a ton of ideas and moodboards for days! We incessantly follow the cool happenings out there in the world so that we can inject some cutting-edge ideas into your event. We also have a fantastic network of freelancers, suppliers, creatives and geeks who understand that your event is not just a gathering of people who you've sold tickets to...but an experience that will transform the way they connect with your content, your work and your organisation.


Simply put, we want to wow your audiences...and we don't mean through gimmicks but through meaningful, interactive ways to make better engagement happen. Your exhibitors and sponsors want connection, your delegates want to feel empowered and your teams want to feel like they've done justice to your business mission. That's what we're here for. We will walk through exactly what you need and ensure that whatever we do together sings to your values.




“Youthful, spirited and energised”

The Nerve Network’s vision gave a fresh experience to an unusual mixture of a major conference at a school venue. It was notable and different, I believe, because of the purposeful work behind their efforts. Not only did the conference deliver fantastically, but it changed my perspective on what a conference could be. A drive to help others help themselves was a refreshing find, so much so, that The Nerve Network clearly had an impact on the entire conference and helped make the experience an exceptional one.

Jim Ellis, Educator and Author. 

“unbelievable sense of togetherness and purpose”

The kudos keep rolling in, so thank you to everyone for your care, your attention to people, and your relentless focus on detail. Our mission is to create impact through international education, and you made that mission come alive in ways that delegates felt deeply. Thank you!

Dr Kevin Ruth, Executive Director of ECIS

“Tremendous talents”

Working with the @NerveNetwork has been absolutely incredible. They have taken our conference organisation and artistic vision to the next level. Their pooled talents have made our multilingual conference a huge success. Thank you so much!

Susan Stewart, Multilingualism lead at ISL London and Chair at ECIS MLIE Committee

“One of the finest social enterprise ideas I’ve ever seen”

Thank you to the always incredible @NerveNetwork for creating an amazing environment to share good practice and experiences.

Patrick McGrath, EdTech Specialist at TextHelp


The whole of the Nerve Network team ROCK! Individually they are superb, together they are phenomenal. Thank you.

Debbie Roberts, Graphic Facilitator 


I love my earrings and I love their story. Thank you.

Caitlin Watson, The International Leadership Academy