As part of our business model, we work with brilliant, talented people who make beautiful merchandise for events, schools, businesses... you name it.

When you source a range of products through Nerve, you help them to unlock and access both local and international markets.

How. Very. Cool.

We’re particularly proud of our conference bags and lanyards. Not just because they are awesome but because they are also crafted with love and meticulous attention to detail. Our Nervee community use local fabrics, materials and natural plant dyes from trees and flowers.

Want to bring a meaningful element to your event? Let’s talk.


We commission super skilled community members to make gorgeous tote bags, ready to order for your conference, event or however you wish to use them.

They can come with your branding or without. Either way, they are made with meticulous attention to detail, using local fabrics and sustainable materials.

We can name every person involved making your goods. These beauties here were made for a school event in Europe by MADIPHA community member, Juliet, an aspiring teacher living in Masaka District.

Through this commission she has earned four times more than she’d normally make in just a few months. This enterprise has opened up market access and a world of opportunities, and she now has the funding to finally apply for her teaching diploma! Now that makes us smile.


Either woven using local palm leaves, or hand-sewn using local fabrics, these gorgeous lanyards draw attention to the wearer within seconds.

The woven lanyards were made for the 2018 ECIS Educators Conference by a young lady called Annette who weaves mats for a living. A physical disability paired with living in a remote area means that Annette struggles to access local markets. With Nerve’s help and through making lanyards, she is also able to save and purchase a wheelchair. In the meantime, the very first thing she did after her first commission was repairing the roof of her family home.

These material lanyards you see were made for the 2019 ECIS Multilingual Conference by another one of our Uganda Nervees, Cate, who was able to utilise her income to send her children to school and re-invest into her business.


Modelled here by the ECIS MLIE committee at their 2019 Bi-Annual Multilingual Conference, the Nerve team were able to commission tailors and craftswomen to make ‘uniforms’ for the team so they could be easily recognised by the conference attendees. It’s fair to say that these added a pop of Uganda vibes as they networked with their conference delegates! Not just any ordinary clothing - but clothing with a story.

These ‘uniforms’ included hand-tailored waistcoats and scarves but we are keen to customise and make bespoke items.

Maybe you have some creative ideas to add to the mix?

Nerve Pop-Up Shops

Want to add a touch of vibrancy in your exhibition area? We can also host a Nerve Pop-Up shop at your event, complete with a fabulous range of handmade goods available for sale and crafted by the local communities we work with.

All goods purchased on-site help people like Juliet, Annette, Cate and Judith to earn an income, the kind that can repair a roof for their home, send a child to school, buy a sewing machine or even complete their teaching diploma. These are actual examples of the impact and power of the Nerve Pop-Up shop.


Interested? Of course you are.