Virtual Gift - Cement Bag for the Margret Project

Virtual Gift - Cement Bag for the Margret Project


So how does this work?

A virtual gift through The Nerve Network means that your money will be used to directly contribute to one of our development programmes in Uganda, or to provide a piece of essential equipment for one of our partner organisations.

In this case, with just a few clicks, you can purchase a virtual sack of bricks to get us one step closer to building our resource centre for the ‘Margret Project’.

In return, you will receive a postcard of thanks, as well as updates on the positive impact your donation will provide.

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The Margaret Project.

Photo - Al Compton

Photo - Al Compton

10 years ago, Margaret had a string of bad news. She went to the doctor thinking she had malaria, but the doctor gave her the devastating news that she was HIV positive. 

The medication made her sick. She fell into a coma and when she woke, her hair had fallen out, her nails had fallen off and she had lost her eyesight.

Her husband told her that she was worthless and that she should kill herself, so she planned to do just that. 

In the same week that she was planning to end her life, she switched on her radio and heard a DJ talking about his experiences living with HIV and a disability.

Her jaw dropped. She wasn’t alone!

She rushed to the radio station to find the DJ and met Dick Bugembe, the Chairperson of MADIPA - the Masaka Association of People with Disabilities living with HIV and Aids.

Her life was transformed. She started to work with MADIPHA and soon inspired their entire community with her infectious personality and big dreams.

In partnership with MADIPHA, Nerve has purchased Margaret a piece of land for ‘The Margaret Project’ where we have made plans to build a resource centre to help people like Margaret to develop new skills, to grow in confidence and to find their fearless spirit. 

Margaret is ready to help and teach others, to make a difference in her community. 


Thank you for helping us get one step closer to achieving Margaret’s dream!